Let me design eleven shades of awesome for you.


Corporate Identity

When it comes to branding, Perfektion Design employs what I like to call “Integrity Advertising”. Whether for a large company, small business or personal use; I adopt a fundamental approach to your standpoint from a moral and ethical perspective. I focus on representing the truth of your brand by reflecting on, and accentuating, its attributes and characteristics.

You will be remembered.


Communicating Your Message

My philosophy for advertising is that it has to work very hard; messages must be clear and enhanced by the design, not obscured by over-the-top, irrelevant visual clutter that distracts. Detail is everything. My exceptionally high standards will ensure that your marketing material works harder and achieves more than that of your competitors. I personalize strategies to best suit your needs.

Print, Video, Social Media, Mobile, Web, Guerilla Marketing, etc.


Commercial And Promotional

My focus is to provide unique and innovative apparel designs that keep up with consumer trends. I take your conceptual ideas and develop them into a powerful and marketable designs for your specific project.

From corporate and athletic uniforms to retail urban chic to one off graphics for special ocassions, you’ll be the coolest looking kid on the block.


Digital and Traditional Illustration

Art has been my passion from a very early age and I still work within traditional mediums as a balance to my heavy focus in the digital world.

If you require original art or illustration, please contact me for commission availability.